Mighty big role for Ulster's newest star
Posted at 9:46 AM (PDT) on Friday, April 15, 2005

The Belfast Telegraph Digital
15 April 2005

Belfast teenager Tyrone McKenna made his debut on the big screen this week with Gillian Anderson of X Files fame and Robert Carlyle but, as Paul McNamee finds out, his feet are still firmly on the ground...

Despite being a total novice, Tyrone says he wasn't fazed by the rigours of film-making. It was also a first feature film for Elliot as director - and the pair helped each other along.

"I wasn't that nervous. I didn't find the lines hard to learn at all," he says. "And Pearse was there to give me advice when I needed it."

Gillian Anderson was also on hand to bring the young talent along. Since last year's shoot, she has been telling anyone who will listen that Tyrone has a big future on the silver screen. But the Belfast lad is characteristically modest in the face of such ringing endorsement.

"She was dead nice to me, helping me along when we were filming," he says simply. "I haven't seen her since, but that's a nice thing to say."