Auction: Week Three
Posted at 12:22 PM (PDT) on Monday, April 25, 2005

The Final Week of the Auction is in progress. Items on the auction block include:

A highly amusing drawing of "Scully entertaining a very happy Mulder" by Italian artist, Maurizio Di Bona.
Also by Maurizio, a spot-on drawing of Gillian at the Dumisani Fundraiser she attended in London on July 10, 2004.
Gillian's very own childhood violin.
Her beautiful three-piece 1996 Golden Globe Awards/Extremis outfit.
Her Dojo restaurant t-shirt from her early days in Manhattan after she graduated from college.
An "EXTREMIX A Remix Compilation" CD signed by Gillian and all the members of HAL including Paul Gallagher who, sadly, passed away last year.

And there are FOUR "To Be Personalized" Photos too!

To view all the 26 items being auctioned this week, click here.

If you cannot participate in the auction but would like to help out with this fundraiser, your donation may be sent directly to NF, Inc..

"Thank you all once again for all your support of both my work and other endeavors, and hope you all come together to bid on NF auction material coming up cause there's some awesome and unexpected stuff and the charity really needs financial support right now. " -- Gillian Anderson, March 18, 2005

Happy bidding!