House of D in 300 theatres this weekend
Posted at 12:21 PM (PDT) on Wednesday, April 27, 2005

From David Duchovny's blog at the Official House of D website:

O Canada

am in montreal, or just outside montreal actually. began shooting "the secret" yesterday. so far so good.

house of d goes out to 300 screens this friday and you are all to thank for that. for those of you not in nyc or la who have not been able to see the movie, i'm sure you can go to the website or reach lionsgate to see what theatre the movie may be playing near you. see the "expanded markets" button on the right.

again, much of this legwork will be in your court, there won't be a ton of money spent on advertising so if you're not already interested, you may not know it's out there. such a crowded, loud, expensive market place. i have to say that i am really excited about the extremes of responses the movie has provoked in both critics and audiences. love and hate. anything better than lukewarm, ok---i figure i'm on the right track and will keep on going. can't wait to start the next one. maybe in the fall, maybe later. have to act a little more before i get too old and nobody's interested. keep the faith. keep spreading the word.

don't give up. we're expanding. get aggressive. invade other people's websites---i don't know what i'm talking about. but reach out of our little circle, we know what we love, and try to interest others who may not know or are not inclined. we may catch fire yet. talk soon. dd

Chimeral Publications has a Printable HoD Theatre List. Thanks, Cathy!

Go fill up those theatre seats!