Alinyiikira Junior School Update
Posted at 2:26 PM (PST) on Monday, February 13, 2006

February 13, 2006

Dear All

Thank you very much for your tireless efforts in assisting the School. On the issue of Power connection, I am following it up aggressively and they have now promised me that it will be worked on this week. They have really been overwhelmed with a lot of work being that this is a campaign period they have to extend power to many areas to fulfill some of the promises some politicians made to the people. Of course there were also people who had applied before us and they had not been connected but possibly very soon I may give good news that the connection has been done.

Right now we have an immediate need for something else. The school needs to get an Examination Centre Number (a required standard of the Uganda Examination Board) so that Final Examinations can be sat at the School instead of transporting the students to other schools which is quite expensive. In order to get this Examination Centre Number we need to have plastered walls and cemented floors (prevents students from getting chiggers). The deadline of submitting the application forms for the Centre Number is 28/2/06. So if the work starts this month we can submit these forms knowing that by the time inspectors come to inspect the School, they will find the walls already plastered and floors cemented. Within one and half weeks this work will have been finished if all materials are on site. We can have enough man power to do the work expeditiously without much interruption. We can keep on shifting children as these people do the work. The quote for doing the floors and the walls is US$ 2,500.

Wishing you all the best and thanks once again for your kindness.

Godfrey Ssemakula

Because of this immediate need, the bulk of funds raised for supplies (Other Stationery) shall be used instead for the walls and floors. We'd like you all to know that we greatly value the flexibility and generosity of donors! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!