Gillian in the Sunday Times
Posted at 7:55 AM (PDT) on Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Sunday Times, UK
September 10, 2006

I am what I am


Gillian Anderson, 38, stars in the forthcoming Idi Amin biopic The Last King of Scotland. She lives in north London and is expecting her second child later this year.

*I go through stages when I care about my appearance. Clothes and combed hair arenít a priority, but I always regret it when it ends up in print.

*One of my favourite sayings is, youth is wasted on the young. Itís recognisable to anybody who has spent their life in fear or self-obsession.

*I guess the most surprising thing about me is that Iím silly. Really silly. And I bump into things.

*I donít like chaos, but I have an annoying habit of creating it, so I spend the rest of my time recovering. This looks like peace of mind, but itís an illusion ó itís just exhaustion.

*If you are dishonest, selfish and controlling, you perceive everything as suffering. If you are honest and kind, you see things as opportunities for growth. Failure is a state of mind.

*Sitting still brings up uncomfortable feelings, so distraction ó Sudoku, e-mail, texting ó is my favorite vice.

*Whatever is going to happen is going to happen. Worrying does nothing but waste time and distract you from the important moments right in front of your face.

*Happiness feels better than popularity.

*My biggest simple pleasure is cracking up with my daughter.