Straightblog Update
Posted at 5:03 PM (PDT) on Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dan Reed, the director of Straightheads, has updated his blog once again...

Cannes - this went really well, according to Sam our glamorous sales agent. As you know I didn't go to Cannes because... well basically I couldn't afford to go, and more to the point until Straightheads is completed in all its finished glory there's no point my hanging around festivals being the director of a film no one has seen yet!

Interestingly, three or four US theatrical distributors have indicated very strong interest in taking on Straightheads, but of course they won't buy until they see the finished movie at Toronto (the selectors now have a rough copy of the film - an AVID output with no visual effects and a temporary score) or wherever Straighteads gets its first major festival screening.

Sam reports there has been strong interest from all territories but as I say she's waiting until we have the real thing, so we can get a really good buzz going. I hope all of you people, Gillian and Danny fans and just plain shameless Straightheads obsessives out there will help us any way you can.

Much more, plus a new photo, at the blog. Click here.