An update from the director of Straightheads
Posted at 10:01 AM (PST) on Friday, March 2, 2007

From Dan Reed's blog:

On most feature film shoots there's something called an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) crew going around shooting bits and pieces behind the scenes and looking for a chance to interview the actors in between setups.

Here's one of the clips of Gillian, recorded in one of the fantastically ornate and sumptuous drawing-rooms during a very cold night shoot at Mawley Hall in November 2005. The spontaneity she talks about, the little tingle of risk when the scene you're shooting isn't over-rehearsed yet, you haven't chewed it to death and the actor's responses are still fresh and "live" - that's one of the real pleasures of shooting with Gillian, especially for a film-maker with a doc background like myself...

Straightheads: Gillian Anderson on Acting in Physical Scenes