ZBF: An Emergency Appeal
Posted at 3:30 PM (PDT) on Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Operation Murambatsvina - An Emergency Appeal

Dear Friends,

I have been deeply, deeply distressed to see the wonderful, thriving, democratic country of Zimbabwe become a shadow of what it used to be. Zimbabweans are suffering and we hear there are numerous cases of human rights abuse and torture. It is a situation where we cannot stand by watching a tragedy unfold without becoming complicit through our apathy.

As a Patron I encourage you to support the Zimbabwe Benefit Foundation. The people of Zimbabwe desperately need our help and encouragement. I commend those who have established this foundation to make a practical contribution to alleviate the suffering of these people.

In South Africa a similar fund saved many of our people. Nelson Mandela himself might not have been saved the gallows without the efforts of the international community and those who selflessly strove to see that justice prevailed.

I urge you to support this eminently worthy initiative and hope you will respond with compassion and generosity.

God bless you

Desmond M Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus