The X-Files Mythology, Vol. 2 - Black Oil
Posted at 11:09 AM (PDT) on Monday, August 1, 2005

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In Black Oil, even as Scully searches for the truth behind her abduction, an alien autopsy tape leads her and Mulder to a professed group of women abductees who all have chips identical to the one found in Scully's neck. Then, while investigating a series of deaths connected to a sunken World War II aircraft and a mysterious black oil, Mulder encounters Alex Krycek, who claims to have a digital tape documenting the existence of extraterrestrials. A second encounter with Krycek leads Mulder to Siberia, where an unidentified object crashed into Earth in 1908. Yet for all the seemingly undeniable proof, when agents are asked to verify the remains of a 200-year-old-alien, they finally discover just how far the government will go to make Mulder believe.