"I Will Make XF2"
Posted at 3:40 PM (PDT) on Tuesday, July 17, 2007

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"X-Files 2, the movie, is coming". These words were of Gillian Anderson, the Scully of the popular American Tv series and guest of the 37 GFF. "

The series has not been made for five years, and the producers have no intention to make another- explained Anderson but they are indeed projecting a new episode for the cinema". The first "X-Files" movie was released in 1998.

"It is very difficult to work for the cinema when you interpret such a characterizing role like Scully added Anderson - when I work for the cinema I try to detach myself from the X-Files character".

The actress also announced her debut as a producer, as well as actress, of a film about Martha Gellhorn, journalist, writer and third wife of Ernest Hemingway. Among the next projects are "How to lose friends & alienate people" by Robert B.Weide, with Kirsten Dunst and Jeff Bridges, "No one gets off in this town" by Richard Kwietniowski with John Hurt and "Smell of apples", a film which will be shot in South Africa.

Source: Giffoni Film Festival

But now The X Files legal wrangles have now been resolved and speaking to The Independent last night from a film festival in Italy, Anderson confirmed that she was set to begin filming sometime between October and January. "The script is imminent and we are meant to start doing it by the end of next year and beginning of this year," she said. "I have been for it from the beginning and I have been positive about it from the beginning."

Two more films, one called The Smell of Apples, which is due to be made in South Africa and a German co-production called Helen are also in the offing, although her availability might be compromised by the new X Files project.

None the less, she said, the chance to play Scully again is irresistible. "It was not something I longed for on a regular basis but as soon as we start talking about doing it again I get very excited. There's always a bit of melancholy about it because of the amazing memories of the experience. It was a very intense period in all our lives and the thought that we are all going to come together again to do it - and possibly in Vancouver where it all started - is very exciting. A lot has happened in the past few years but we are excited by each other's company and I think it will be loads of fun actually."

Anderson, 37, said Carter had been working hard to make the follow-up feature film happen. "I think there were a lot of issues that have stopped it in the past but now it seems clear and they've got the contract details worked out and I guess Chris has had time to write it and all those things equal something positive," she said.

But the chances of a 10th series of the television show are precisely zero, she said. "It's just never going to happen, it's just not on the cards at all. I don't think we have the energy for it either of us."

So the X-Philes, and indeed a potential younger audience of converts to the adventures of Mulder and Scully, will have to settle for another movie. In the years since they have been away there has been more than enough threat of global terror, government skullduggery, conspiracy theories and fears of evil- minded scientists and dark forces at play to provide an appetite for their return.

"That's true and there's an opening for that," acknowledges Anderson before squashing any notion that the film will attempt to focus on such topical issues. "Except that I understand that the script is nothing to do with what some of the themes have been about in the past.

"It's going to be a very scary film about two characters who happen to be called Mulder and Scully. I don't think they are going to draw on any of the mythology or the conspiracy stuff, as far as I know. My understanding is that it's scary like a monster film."

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