UK National Doodle Day 2005
Posted at 9:40 AM (PST) on Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Five celebrities reveal their real selves with doodles

Charlotte Higgins, arts correspondent
Wednesday January 26, 2005
The Guardian

It's a guilty secret, but we all do it. We try not to be discovered at it in meetings (though everyone knows that the person crouched in the corner apparently making very detailed notes is guiltiest of all).

All too many of us do it while treasured relations treat us to lengthy exegeses of their lives on the telephone. Some of us find ourselves tempted into it when we should be concentrating on weighty matters such as filling out our tax returns or learning the Highway Code.

In fact, we love to doodle so much that the Neurofibromatosis Association and Epilepsy Action charities have talked a long list of famous folk into scribbling on their behalf and allowing their efforts (however footling, and many are) to be submitted for auction on on National Doodle Day, February 25.

"There's very varied artistic ability," said Paul Tranter of Epilepsy Action. "Maureen Lipman's, for instance, is very detailed. David Gower drew a delightful Tuscan scene of table and chairs beneath a vine. It's obviously his chosen way to relax."

Participants - who range from playwright David Hare to actor Gillian Anderson - were given the broad theme of "my favourite thing", from which we might conclude that Lord Tebbit's favourite thing is a very angry-looking set of interlocking triangles, and Joan Collins's is a big-haired glamourpuss with luxuriant eyelashes.

Last year a similar auction raised 15,000; this time the organisers hope to do even better.

The charities are also encouraging members of the public to enter a doodling competition, the winner of which will be given 1,000.

To take part, just go to any branch of Lloydspharmacy and, for a minimum donation of 1, take a card, draw a doodle on the back, stick a stamp on the front and pop your entry in the post.

Doodle cards will be available from your local Lloydspharmacy from Wednesday 26 January and, although Doodle Day itself is on Friday, 25 February. You can still get cards until Tuesday, 8 March. You then have another week in which to submit them for your chance to win 1,000 and a place in the doodle day Hall of Fame!

For lots more information, visit the Official National Doodle Day website. Have fun and, who knows, you may be a winner!