Update from Alinyiikira Junior School
Posted at 5:15 PM (PST) on Sunday, March 26, 2006

An update from Godfrey at Alinyiikira Junior School:

Dear All

On the plastering of the walls and cementing of the floor, the work is progressing on well and the workers have been working very fast to finish it as early as possible. In fact, this has been very fast that it may be completed by end of this week. I am going to attach the photos of the progress of the work showing men working on the building.

On the update of the power connection, the transmission line has been constructed up to the school and what is remaining is fixing the substation (transformer) on the main grid of 33KVA to step it down for domestic use. This should have been finished by now but the electricity company has so many pending jobs which they have to handle. But since the transmission line has been constructed, what is remaining is not so difficult so we hope that it will be done probably before end of this month.

We wish to thank you all for this assistance, for it has made the building look beautiful and the children and parents are very excited. Thank you all for that generosity and May the almighty God reward you abundantly.