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Posted at 9:36 AM (PDT) on Monday, August 1, 2011

A chat with Gillian Anderson of STARZ "Moby Dick"
by Will Harris
Interview Date: 07/29/2011

BE: What was it like playing Elizabeth? As mentioned, itís not one thatís really appeared in previous adaptations.

Gillian: I mean, my understanding, from what Nigel has said in the past, being the one who adapted it, is that it was a way to bring the community that you see out on the boatÖhe said today that she represented all of the other women that were left behind. And thatís a very important aspect of the community section of the story, in that she represents the female contingent that has their own experience when the men get on the boat and go off andÖtheir fates often follow the same as Ahabís. And, also, I think it humanizes Ahab in a way that heís not necessarily humanized in the novel.

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