IBG's 4th Annual 'all things' Marathon
Posted at 10:55 AM (PDT) on Monday, April 9, 2012

Throughout the months of April and May, IBG will be hosting their fourth annual 'all things' marathon. Groups of fans gather in cities, towns and remotely around the world, on a day in April of their choosing, and contribute a 10 USD entry fee per person.

The event consists of watching The X-Files' episode "all things," as well as two Gillian Anderson films of the host or group's choosing, to celebrate the charity work of the acclaimed actress. Many groups also host raffles, games and other fun ways to increase their total raised. This year's event will benefit ANSA (Gillian is a member of their board of the directors.)

As with years prior, the host of the group that raises the most money will receive a special prize from Gillian herself! So get together, get creative, get planning and get fundraising.

The breakdown of event rules and locations where events are already happening will be posted within the next few days. For now, to sign up to host an event or if you have any questions, please email allthings@ibginc.org.


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