"Fezeka's Voice" on DVD
Posted at 9:49 AM (PDT) on Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Fezeka's Voice" is now available to buy!

The long wait is over, film-fans... Team Fezeka are thrilled to announce the release of our film on DVD. Now you can take home a little slice of South Africa and share with family and friends what the papers call: 'Warm-hearted and heart-warming' (The Observer) 'A remarkable story' (Evening Standard) 'Fezeka's Voice puts the X-Factor to shame in terms of musical heroism' (The Times).

DVDs are now available through our website. We're shipping worldwide so it's easy to give the gift of Phumi and his choir (or you could just keep it for yourself). Please note that 'Team Fezeka' is in fact just a team of two and whilst we will endeavor to ship your order as quickly as possible, please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

Thank you!
Katherine & Holly

Fezeka's Voice: The story so far...

Documentary film Fezeka's Voice is the story of one man, Phumi Tsewu, and the choir to which he has dedicated his life: The Fezeka High School Choir. These kids may be national singing champions, but their school sits in Gugulethu township, one of the most deprived areas in South Africa. In 2008, they received a once in a lifetime invitation - to perform at one of Europe's most prestigious arts festivals.

Our award-winning film follows all 77 kids and their choirmaster as they not only fulfill a life's ambition, but learn what it is to feel wanted, accepted, and proud.

Once Fezeka's Voice was finished and ready to be screened, the team behind the film launched its distribution and outreach campaign which includes a number of educational initiatives. Ciel Productions has also aligned itself with registered UK charity The Fezeka Scholarship Fund set up by the folk in Salisbury who had invited the choir to the UK, in an effort to give something back to the kids who brought them so much joy.

By screening our film as far and wide as possible, we aim to help The Fezeka Scholarship Fund reap as much as it deserves.

"This is a really incredible choir in South Africa that the Salisbury Cathedral community has helped with scholarships after their visit here. The man who leads the choir is a force of nature and has turned out some incredible human beings in the process." -- Gillian Anderson