Tonight: Hannibal Season 1 Finale
Posted at 1:25 PM (PDT) on Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Nightmarish Hannibal Finale
By Matt Roush
TV Guide

A chill wind blows onto your TV screen as summer beckons, with one last ghoulish chapter in the artful and macabre saga of NBC's HANNIBAL, Bryan Fuller's deliciously suspenseful and deeply unsettling twist on the Thomas Harris franchise.

Everyone is at the top of their game as the season reaches its pivotal and haunting climax, especially the leads: Mikkelsen shedding crocodile tears of remorse could it be real, or just another psycho gambit? over Abigail's and Will's messy fates in sessions with the cool Dr. Du Maurier (a stunning Gillian Anderson), while continuing to baldly lie and set his traps; and Dancy making painfully tangible Will's despair, confusion and slowly dawning awareness that he may be the greatest victim yet in this entire scenario.

By the final scene, echoing iconic images from the cinematic Lecter catalogue, you know this can't be the end of the story. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be.

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