Time Out Sydney Interview
Posted at 1:14 PM (PDT) on Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gillian Anderson: The Fall

By Joel Meares
Time Out Sydney
August 27, 2013

...While Anderson says she eased her way back into serial television (THE FALL is only six episodes per season), the pace has picked up quickly: she guest-starred for five episodes on the US series HANNIBAL this year and will star in the upcoming NBC action-drama CRISIS, alongside Dermot Mulroney. It looks a little 24: a busload of students from an elite high school – including the president's son – is kidnapped and taken hostage. All that and, yes, she would do another X-FILES movie if the band got back together.

So much for easing into things. "Yeah," she says with a laugh. "Then there's theatre and other films. It looks a little bit insane until 2016 at this point."

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