Great Expectations: 2 New Articles
Posted at 8:06 AM (PST) on Friday, December 16, 2011

Gillian Anderson gets under the skin of Miss Havisham in a new BBC One adaptation of Great Expectations
Northampton Chronicle & Echo
December 16, 2011

“Miss Havisham is disintegrating,” says Anderson, who manages to look striking under all the make-up.

“I kept thinking, ‘What if she, like the house, starts to have mould growing on her?’ She hasn’t bathed for 18 years so I kept having images of that type of fungus which has frilly ends and I thought if we had that growing up my neck it could look amazing.

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Death becomes Gillian Anderson in BBC's Great Expectations
The Herald, Scotland
December 16, 2011

NOTE: If you haven't read the book or seen earlier film/tv versions, this article contains a major spoiler.

"...the casting of me as opposed to somebody in their seventies was an intention of the producers and the writer Sarah Phelps not to write her as old as she's been written before. That was also how I heard her in my mind as I was reading the script."

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