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Posted at 4:49 PM (PDT) on Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gillian Anderson Opens Up About Her 'Last Love'
By Jarett Wieselman
ET Online
October 30, 2013

Much like Amour, 2012's Best Foreign Film Oscar winner, Last Love explores the effect losing a loved one has on a spouse, but unlike France's somber cinematic offering, the Michael Caine-fronted film also examines how a widower can move on in the aftermath of a profound loss.

Furthermore, Last Love examines at the familial fallout through the eyes of Justin Kirk and Gillian Anderson, who plays Caine's children. ETonline caught up with the charismatic actress to talk about this powerful new movie, her equally incredible Netflix series, The Fall, and the odds she'll ever play Agent Dana Scully again.

ETonline: What was the appeal of this project for you?
Gillian Anderson: It's not a film that Americans get to see very often. Last year there was Amour, a beautiful film, that was a slice of life and slow and French and beautiful. This is along those lines. We're all going to end up having to make difficult decisions about how we move into the next part of our lives, and the degree of loss that comes to us as we get older, but it all comes down to family and connection. When you hear people talk about the meaningful things in their lives, it's about relationships and kindness and connectedness and that's what this film really underscores. But the biggest appeal was working with Sandra [Nettelbeck, writer/director]. I've been a fan of hers since Mostly Martha.

ETonline: And what did you like about your character, Karen?
Anderson: She's goofy, she's a bit larger-than-life, she's in your face and likes things around her to be very precise; she's very much a big personality. I felt like it would be fun to be light for a change. I love doing comedy, so it wasn't a difficult decision for me.

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