Bicyclettes, s'il vous plaît!
Posted at 1:00 PM (PDT) on Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dear Friends of OTSK,

Off The Street Kids is looking for cyclists to take part in the Do It For Charity - London Cycle Ride on May 29.

We have 12 charity places that are still empty!

I know. Right? Isn't that AWFUL?!!

Don't you all think it's time to take your bicycles out for a spin?

Woo Hoo! Biking is FUN!!!

The thing is, if no volunteers turn up, everyone at OTSK will CRY! *Waaah!!!*

Seriously, we'll lose the initial money that we paid for the 12 charity places and OTSK simply can't afford this.

It promises to be a fantastic event. People of all ages and abilities can take part and cycle at their own leisurely pace.

So come on now, you know you want to! *poke, poke*

PLEASE dust off your bicycles, gather your friends, and email me at for further details.

***** JULIE *****
Your very friendly OTSK Events Coordinator