XFN's Exclusive Interview & Tweet-A-Thon
Posted at 7:53 AM (PDT) on Friday, August 31, 2012

This interview was done by X-Files News' Roileigh Ollson during their coverage of the 2012 Toronto Fan Expo last weekend. Camera credit goes to Melanie Rickert.

At the event, a fan asked about the possibility of a third X-Files film. Gillian replied, "I met with Chris (Carter) before coming here and it's looking pretty good. We just have to convince FOX (Studios)."

If you would like to help convince FOX Studios while simultaneously celebrating the 19th Anniversary of The X-Files, join the 'X-Files' Tweet-A-Thon on September 10! It will run from the moment the first time zone (New Zealand) hits midnight on September 10 until the last time zone (Hawaii) hits midnight on September 11.

So wherever you are in the world, join the XF3 Army in tweeting for a third film! Check out the X-Files News guidelines to help them make the biggest impact possible.