Psychologies Interview
Posted at 12:12 PM (PST) on Friday, March 1, 2013

The award-winning actress talks about life, death and her most challenging year yet.
By Samantha Wood
Psychologies Magazine UK: April 2013

Next month sees Anderson take the lead role in The Fall, a five-part Belfast-based BBC thriller where she plays Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson.

Does she feel she is at all like her character, who is smart, brave and ballsy? 'Well, probably yes,' she laughs, adding 'but I like her a whole lot more.'

I've seen the first episode of your new thriller The Fall and thought it was brilliant.

Really? It's so hard for me to tell what people are going to think so I'm relieved to hear you appreciate it. But you couldn't say anything else really, could you? [Laughs]. Sometimes people will just say, 'I saw it' then won't say anything else and I'd be left reading into that, thinking what might they mean?

What did you like most about your character, Stella?

I aspire to be more like her. Stella's so 'in' her body and comfortable with who she is. She has a very strong sense of how that manifests in the way that she dresses, and she's very smart. Plus, she's nice to people. I just think she's great. I think she's going to be good for women.

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