Gillian Joins Heathrow Protest
Posted at 1:29 PM (PDT) on Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Leading ladies join Heathrow protest
Wimbledon Guardian, UK
8:09pm today
By Cara Lee

A group of celebrity mums are taking part in a candlelit vigil outside the House of Parliament this evening to protest against plans for the expansion of Heathrow.

The London-based stars, including X-Files actress Gillian Anderson, Joanna Lumley, Laura Bailey and Anna Chancellor, are among hundreds of people backing calls made to the Government by action group We Can (Climate Action Now).

We Can aims to get the Government to form a cross-party coalition to deal with climate change and scrap plans to build a third runway at Heathrow.

The vigil comes 11 days before thousands of Londoners are expected to march from Hatton Cross to Sipson Village as part of the Make a NOise Carnival against Heathrow expansion.

"I am in complete support of We Can's brave attempt to bring attention to this issue," said Gillian Anderson. "I would have thought that not only would the Government want to lessen the negative impact it has on this country but that it would want to use this as an opportunity to make a positive global mark."

"This is a perfect opportunity for Britain to consciously take a lead in climate and emissions change rather than putting short-term business interests ahead of our planet's future and allowing this gross example of negligence to take place."

Anna Chancellor added: "How can we be expanding our airports at a time when the planet's future is at stake? It's criminally irresponsible and the Government has got to wake up and start listening."

The Heathrow Airport expansion plans are expected to be given the go ahead in June or July.