World's first solar-powered film premiere
Posted at 2:26 PM (PDT) on Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bridlington Free Press
15 March 2009

The world's first film premiere in a solar cinema tent has been held for environmental film The Age of Stupid.

Oscar-nominated actor Pete Postlethwaite was joined on a "green" carpet by X-Files star Gillian Anderson, model Keeley Hazell and former mayor of London Ken Livingstone.

The film sees Postlethwaite play an old man living alone in a devastated world in 2055, looking back at footage from 2008 and despairing why we did not stop environmental damage.

Its premiere took place in a tent in the gardens at the centre of Leicester Square in London's west end.

Visitors were specifically asked not to fly in for the event.

As well as the film itself arrivals and a post-film question and answer were broadcast at 64 cinemas all over the UK via a satellite link. Venues included the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Organisers were hoping that 16,000 people would watch the film from the various sites, which would be a world record for the largest ever film premiere.

Profits from the ticket sales go to the Not Stupid climate campaign, which is an initiative by environmental groups to recruit new activists to make their views felt at the UN Climate Summit in December 2009 this year.

The film, which cost 450,000 to make, was funded by donations from more than 200 people.

The Age of Stupid is released nationwide (UK) on March 20.

Photos here and here. Thanks, Philiater and Mary!

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