IBG Auction: Posters of XF Movies
Posted at 12:41 PM (PDT) on Thursday, March 26, 2009

IBG is very excited to announce the next round of auction items is ready to go. In this wave they are auctioning off two X-Files theatrical movie posters: one for 'Fight the Future' (available for bidding this week) and one for 'I Want to Believe' (available the following week). Both posters were donated by Fox Studios to benefit NF, Inc.

The 'Fight the Future' blue theatrical poster is not the standard US version. It's gorgeous, great condition and autographed by Gillian Anderson (signed during her recent visit to Los Angeles), David Duchovny (signed when he was in town for the SAG awards), Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz and Rob Bowman (on the set of Castle).

Because Gillian signed in black, the signature doesn't appear in the photo as brightly. Rest assured, in 'real life' you can see her signature on the 'Scully side' of the poster perfectly.

Fight the Future Poster on eBay

Happy Bidding!