Undercover Fur Expose at Chicago Armani Store
Posted at 7:47 AM (PDT) on Thursday, October 9, 2008

PETA to Unveil New Undercover Fur Expose at Chicago Armani Store

Chicago -- Gillian Anderson's voice will be heard loud and clear when PETA members assemble outside designer Giorgio Armani's Michigan Avenue store on Thursday to debut new video footage narrated by the actor. The video shows the horrendous conditions that were documented during two new undercover investigations at rabbit fur farms in China and France--countries from which the designer buys rabbit fur.

Armani is now selling lots of fur, including rabbit-fur coats for babies and children. The new designs mean that he has broken the promise he made just last year when he said, "I spoke with the people from PETA, and they showed me some materials that convinced me not to use fur."

"Our investigations of fur farms always turn up the same horrible abuses: Animals are forced to live in filthy, miserable conditions where they are deprived of basic necessities and then die in agony and terror," says PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk. "Armani, like all fur pushers, is now supporting one of cruelest industries on Earth."

Where: Armani, N. Michigan and E. Chicago avenues, Chicago
When: Thursday, October 9, 12 noon