Doodleday, Australia 2005
Posted at 11:14 AM (PDT) on Monday, May 3, 2004

Gillian has recently supported the Neurofibromatosis Association in Perth, Australia. A doodle that she has drawn will go to auction next year, along with other celebrity doodles for the launch of the first ever Australian Doodleday. The fundraiser will benefit the Neurofibromatosis association in Perth as well as the two doodle charities in the UK (Neurofibromatosis and Epilepsy).

Gillian's doodle

The dates for Doodleday in Australia are yet to be confirmed but we can advise you that the launch will take place in the early months of 2005. You can visit the Australian NF website via the address The official Australian Doodleday site will be up and running very soon, so keep your eyes open for that.

We are still looking for people to help with sponsorship of the event and we are also open to your creative ideas and suggestions. If you can assist in any way, please contact the coordinators via the email

If you have experienced Neurofibromatosis yourself and you would like to share your story, please send us an email. Your stories will be posted on the Australian Doodleday website and will help educate others about your journey and how you have been personally affected by the condition.

This event is being made possible with the fantastic help of NFA's Roberta Tweedy!