Daily Mail Interview
Posted at 5:42 PM (PDT) on Saturday, October 4, 2014

By Kirsty Lang
Daily Mail UK: 4 October 2014

Since returning to Britain from America in 2002, Anderson has established herself as one our most compelling actresses, playing a succession of ballsy women in a man's world, from Agent Scully in The X Files to the tough wife of a missionary doctor in Uganda, in Kevin MacDonald's film about Idi Amin, The Last King Of Scotland.

Her latest is the high-powered detective in The Fall, BBC2's most popular drama in 20 years, which returns this month for a second series. A psychological thriller about a serial killer in contemporary Belfast, the first series won plaudits for its creepy, tension-building plot. But there were also complaints about the violence against women.

I had gone to interview Anderson with some trepidation, having been warned that she can be frosty and hates being asked anything personal. Perhaps she is more comfortable with women, but for most of our interview I found her to be warm, funny and quite open.

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