Absent Friends sheet

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Autographed "Absent Friends" Contact Information List

This item was the Manhattan Theatre Club's Contact Information List for the cast and staff of "Absent Friends" by Alan Ayckbourn. This was Gillian's first big break and it won her a Theater World Award in 1991.

"When Mary Louise Parker dropped out of 'Absent Friends' because of illness, Ms. Anderson's agent sent her to audition for the part of Evelyn, a sullen young mother in Alan Ayckbourn's black comedy about a group of friends who console an acquaintance on the death of his fiancee. Ms. Anderson's first reading warranted a callback 'to make sure it wasn't a fluke,' said the director, Lynne Meadow, and when the second reading went well, the actress was hired on the spot. It was her first job in the theater, and the rest of the cast had started rehearsals a week earlier." (NYT, 2/20/91) More...

It is signed by Gillian Anderson comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from the Official Gillian Anderson Website.