Dojo t-shirt

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Autographed Dojo T-Shirt

After graduating from the Goodman School of Drama in Chicago, Gillian moved to New York where, when she wasn't auditioning, worked as a waitress at Dojo, a Japanese health food restaurant on St. Mark's Place.

"Once, I worked at a health-food restaurant on Eighth Street in Manhattan. And a woman came in and ordered mixed fish stew. And it came and it had fish in it. And she said, 'I didn't know it had fish in it.' And I said, 'Mixed. Fish.Stew. Which part didn't you get?' So she ordered something else. But I know that I made her feel like a piece of s***. Afterward, when she was getting ready to leave, she came up to me and put me in my place. She said, 'You know what? That wasn't OK. I'm a human being. I don't deserve that kind of treatment.' And I felt sooo bad. I'll always remember that moment because she was completely right to confront me. She had no reason to be treated that way. I mean, we all make mistakes. At some point we all don't see the fish part in the mixed fish stew." (US Magazine, Oct. 97)

The shirt is signed by Gillian and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from the Official Gillian Anderson Website.