Featured Doodles #10: NF Families and Friends
Posted at 10:24 AM (PDT) on Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This is what it's all about!

Click on their names to view their doodles and read the text on their doodle pages for more information.

Gillian Anderson: Click here to read about Gillian's involvement with NF.

ZoŽ Anderson: Gillian's sister.

Piper Anderson Klotz: Gillian's daughter.

Clyde Klotz: Piper's Dad.

Reggie Bibbs #1: Reggie is on a one-man crusade to raise awareness of NF. Visit his "Just Ask!" website and "Neurofibromatosis Cafe" blog for the latest news, photos and fun concerning Reggie and all his online friends!
Reggie Bibbs #2

Elena Congelio #1: Reggie's friend and daughter of Lou Congelio.
Elena Congelio #2
Elena Congelio #3

Lou Congelio #1: Reggie's very good friend who constantly helps in raising awareness of NF.
Lou Congelio #2
Lou Congelio #3
Lou Congelio #4
Lou Congelio #5

Reggie and his friend Lou Congelio were on FOX 26 Houston News last night.

Andy Dearwater: Reggie's friend.

Rhea Diaz: Reggie's friend.

Aaron Long: the Business Development Director and an equity partner at Schipul. An accomplished artist, animator and businessman, Aaron is a close friend of Reggie Bibbs.

Vincent M. Riccardi, MD #1: Clinician, scientist and teacher. His academic clinical practice, clinical research and bench research have contributed to improved patient care and enhanced clinical and basic research with particular regard to neurofibromatosis. He has more than a dozen publications, including a book about NF.
Vincent M. Riccardi, MD #2

Kate Wiggins: Reggie's friend.