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X-Files Expo
New York
May 10, 1998

*Audience screams and shouts "Gillian!"

Gillian: Hellooooooo!

*More screaming and shouting*

Gillian: You guys are great! Thanks for coming down on Motherís Day! Happy Motherís Day for all the mothers! How are you doing? Are you cold? Itís kinda cold in here, isnít it? Iím cold. Itís freezing!

*Even more screaming*

Gillian: Thank you. Thank you. Hi everybody! So, ummm....I guess weíll start with some questions because Iím not really good at this kind of winging it. You donít want to hear me winging it. So why donít we just go right to...

(*more screams*)

Gillian:...THANK YOU!

Gillian: What? That was Crystal? Oh, Hi Crystal! Hi Crystal!

*More screaming....people saying "We Love You!"*

Gillian repeats "thank you" and tells someone (while laughing), "donít poop there!"*

Gillian: Should we start with some questions? Do we have any questions?

*A voice in the crowd says, "Yes! Tons of questions!"*

Gillian: Okay!

Woman: Mystery voice is coming from your right.

Gillian: Oh, Hi! Hey there!

Woman: Actually, your left...sorry... my right, your left...over here on the left...HERE ON YOUR LEFT

(*someone says, "the other side" and people are laughing)

Woman:....Itís my fault.

Gillian: (laughing) Oh boy!

Woman: Welcome to New York! My question is - after the expo yesterday, what was the one thing that you looked forward to doing after this is over....your personal thing? What did you want to do in New York?

Gillian: You mean, after I left yesterday? I was really really hungry and I was looking forward to getting some food, actually. I havenít really had any time to do what I want to do. Over the next couple of days I guess Iíll go to a couple of museums and.....

Woman: This Liberty signís (can't make out the words) in New Jersey. I work there. I think I might be able to get you in.

(*Gillian laughs*)

Woman: It is great for kids too. Itís perfect for children. We have Peter Rabbit....

Gillian: You know what? My daughterís not here and if I went there and looked at Peter Rabbit, I might start to cry, so I think Iíll pass, but thank you!

Gillian: Hi there! Am I on the right side or the wrong side?

Little girl: My name is Kaylan (sp?). What do you think is better - being in a tv show or a movie star?

Gillian: In a tv show or a movie star....what do I think is better? I donít know, I donít know. I havenít done a lot of work on film but the film work that I have done has been ummm....itís a different pace. Itís a lot slower and you are able to spend more time actually working because on a tv show you shoot a lot of scenes very very quickly over and over and over again and there is a lot more time to spend with the character and with working on the scenes when you are working on a movie and, as an actor, that can be a lot more fun basically, so Iíd have to say it would be more fun to work on a movie. Although I do enjoy working on this show.

*Audience screams again*

Young girl: This Motherís Day, I would like to wish you a Happy Motherís Day since you have a little daughter....

Gillian: Thank you!

Young girl: And my question is - How did you like working in Vancouver and who is funnier, Dean Haglund or David Duchovny?

Gillian: Since I think Dean is here, I better (can't make out the words) No! Umm....well, Iíll start with the first one. Vancouver was wonderful to work in. Itís a beautiful, beautiful city and the crew that we got to work with was absolutely phenomenal and it was a wonderful experience for five years and Iíll never ever forget it. So that, you know, that was a good thing. I havenít spent a lot of time with Dean in my life. We havenít actually had that many scenes to work on. I know from the little experience that I have had that, heís very very funny. Heís a very good improv actor. But I also happen to know that David is very very funny and he has a tremendous sense of humor so, umm...there you go.

Woman: Couple of things: First off, you sounded so sad yesterday about the idea of Piper not being here. We bought you something - bad nutritional food! (an't make out the words) to die off...or Iíll give it to charity!

(*Gillian laughs*)

Woman: I know you are going to concentrate on the movies for a while, but as someone who has done Broadway and everything else, I sit there and go, "Please come back to the stage. We canít wait to see you again!"

*Audience screams and shouts in approval*

Gillian: Thank you.

Woman: And the other one is, just your curiosity, tell me about the new movie. I always screw it. Itís either "Dancing Without Architecture" or "Dancing Around Architecture".

Gillian (laughing): Iíd like to say "Dancing Around Architecture"...It is actually called "Dancing About Architecture" itís not, is it? "Dancing About..."...gosh, it sounds so eerie right now. What the heck is the name? It is "Dancing About...." yeah! yeah! Okay, it is "Dancing About Architecture" and letís see...what is it about? The main thing that it is about, I canít talk

Woman: Whatís your character like?

Gillian: Whatís my character like? Sheís a theatre director and a tv commercial director and

(*someone in audience goes "hahaha" and Gillian mimics her exact laugh, which leads to everyone laughing*)

Gillian: itís kind of little snatches back and forth of different relationships, different couples, whether itís mother and son, or lovers, or gay lovers, or...itís a very interesting perspective on conversation and relationships...everybody is kind of tied in, in some kind of thing that you find out at the end and so far thereís a tremendous cast. Weíve got Gena Rowlands and Sean Connery and Anthony Edwards and Angelina Jolie and Madeleine Stowe, and Dennis Quaid. Itís a great cast so it should be a good thing....thank you! Thanks for the chocolates!

Man: Good afternoon! Jim and my son, Jock, from Chicago.

Gillian: Hi there! John, are you hiding?

Jim: Happy Motherís Day

Gillian: Thank you

Jim: A dad with four kids trying to balance career and family...

Gillian: Wow!

Jim: We would like to say we think you are doing a great job in doing the same.

Gillian: Thank you. Is that all you wanted to say? Oh thank you

(sounds like someone was giving her something)

Gillian: ...there we go..okay...all right....So, you are a single parent with four kids?

Jim: No, actually married 23 years.

Gillian: Oh, wow!

Jim: But itís tough.

Gillian: Yeah, I know.

Jim: But I can imagine how tough it must be for you also.

Gillian: Well it is, but you know...I mean...the thing that I have, that I am incredibly fortunate with, is that I am able to have a nanny who comes to set with me every day with my daughter and goes home with me at night if I need her and, you know, that aspect of it is not available to a lot of people so, you know, I donít really feel like I am a single working mother because I am fortunate enough to be in that situation whereas thereís a lot of women and a lot of single fathers out there who canít and still have to make ends meet and it is a little bit different but I completely appreciate the kind of work that it does, itís great.

Jim: Keep it up!

Gillian: Thank you.

Woman: Hi! First I want to say Ďthank youí for your work on the show. Itís a privilege to, on a weekly basis, get to see that kind of depth and honesty in acting.

*Wild screams of approval from the audience which drowns out whatever Gillian is saying in response*

Woman: While you interned in New York, was there anyone that you studied with?

Gillian: No, I didnít. I didnít study with anybody when I was here. I basically waited tables and then crashed at the end of the day (laughing) I donít have any experience in that.

Woman: Okay, my other question is - the episode, "Gethsemane," the scene that Scully has where she is speaking in front of the FBI panel and talking about the possibility that Mulderís dead; when you shot that, did you know where it was going to go in "Redux?"

Gillian: No, was weird...What was weirder was coming back and doing "Redux." We actually shot some additional footage that supposedly plays during the same scene and to make - this has actually happened a couple of times in episodes where we had to shoot out of sequence for some reason - where I had to think about what we did and try and somehow bridge the gap between what was already shot and what I suddenly know is going to be the future...and it actually pissed me off a little bit

(*audience screams - once again drowning out whatever Gillian is saying*)!

Woman: Scully - sheís a bad liar!

Gillian: Yeah! Oh no...exactly! Exactly! Because when you have that kind of information you would behave in a different way and the same thing happened with "Never Again" and "Leonard Betts" and the whole cancer thing. All of a sudden it seemed like my behavior in "Never Again" was playing out as if it was the result of the fact that my nose is bleeding at the end of "Leonard Betts" but they were shot in a different, you know......and it just pisses me off! makes me angry (audience laughs) because, as an actor, you would respond in a different way so, in a sense, you are obviously keeping something out and that normally your wouldnít so....

Woman: Well, your work is fabulous. Thank you.

Gillian: Thank you!

*Audience applauds*

Another Woman: Hi Gillian!

Gillian: Hi!

Woman: Welcome to New York. I hope you are enjoying your stay here.

Gillian: Thank you. I always do.

Woman: Great! Being five years in The X-Files, I know itís probably one of the toughest shows on physical and actionwise. Has there ever been a time where you just say "Oh forget it! I just want to drop dead and like, walk off" and how did you find your strength in continuing with the series?

Gillian: That has happened a lot actually. It mostly happens when we have had numerous 16-18 hour days and the weather and the difficulty with the lights and the intensity of the show...and then, I mean, thing that helps is that we have these mythological episodes which take a lot of energy and a lot of intensity from us...and then we have these Mulder and Scully chasing neighborhood monster episodes. And, in a sense, those are ones that we can kind of like, rest a little bit, and just kind of chill out and do the best that we can do but we donít have to put all of our effort into it and so thatís kind of a breathing time for us. There are periods during the season where it is just absolutely exhausting and there is really nothing that can be just...I mean, the only thing that you can really do is just really take care of yourself as much as you can on a daily basis and make sure you get much rest as you possibly can and just keep howing up and knowing that at some time itís going to pass and that, you know, there is some kind of some light at the end of the tunnel and there always is...and....

Woman: It must be specially tough on Piper because, I mean, I know you really love your daughter very much and try to get as much time as you can...thatís very hard scheduling that....

Gillian: It is and there is a huge tendency to feel guilt on a daily basis but, one thing about Piper and also about the opportunity that she has had to move around so much and to be involved with so many people - she is incredibly resilient and she is very very strong and she is really able to kind of get back up on her feet and to understand...she understands that I will always come back again, you know, because when she was little and Iíd leave for what must have seemed like forever for her - to go to set to shoot something and come back - she always knew that I came back. So she always knows now when I have to go out of town for a weekend or when I have a photo shoot during the day, that she, and I tell her you know... we sit down and I say, "Look sweetheart, Iíd rather be with you. I want you to know that I love you very much but I need to do this and I will be back later tonight and we will have this amount of time to spend together." And so, by just keeping an open language with her and letting her in on everything that is happening, I think she really kind of clues in on the fact that she is loved and she is safe and that we are going to have time together.

Woman: Well it proves that you are a great Mom so, best of luck!

Gillian: Thank you! Thank you!

Another Woman: Hi Gillian! My question is - Contrary to what you read in Details Magazine, I think that your character and Davidís character are role models of a sort and I just wanted to know (can't make out the words). What is it about this character that speaks to you and do you find it hard, after five years, keeping the character fresh?

Gillian: I think Iím....I feel like the writers have really allowed her to grow in a very wonderful and progressive way and so that fact has kept her, as a character, alive and has kept her alive for me too and I feel so fortunate to be able to live with a character like Scully because I can imagine how characters in other shows, perhaps with less... that are less interesting even, that have less integrity, that are less...just less in some way must be so difficult to show up and be on a daily basis and I really havenít ever experienced that - where I have gotten sick of her. Thereís been times when Iíve been, as I said yesterday, where I get to like, the last straw with the skepticism thing and I just have to like, rethink it all in my head and just kind of start from scratch and itís okay...this is what we are doing right now and this is who she is. But, I really have never actually gotten tired of her and I am very grateful for that because that would be a pain in the butt.

Young woman (late teens): I just want to first say I love you so much! You are the most awesome person

(*voice drowned out by the screaming audience*)

Young woman (late teens) really are and I started watching The X-Files actually just because of YOU Ďcus I hadnít really watched it regularly and then I read an article about you and at the end of the article I was like, ĎThis woman is so completely awesome! I think I should really watch her show!í

*More screaming and shouting from the audience*

Young woman: And then yesterday, someone said that like, standing here and looking at you was kind of like looking at like, the goddess. That is so true, okay? And then someone said also like how people have posters of you on their walls and stuff like that. I have a Gillian Anderson clock, okay?

Gillian: What?

Young woman: I do and it cost me twenty eight bucks

(can't make out the words)

Gillian (laughing): A Gillian Anderson clock? What am I wearing? Where are the hands in the clock?

Young woman: And I also just wanted to say that I go to NYU and I know that you used to work at DoJo Restaurant. Last winter I had a class right around the corner from there and so like, I would walk by and I would think of you Ďcus I thought that was so cool. I donít know if that is like, significant to you in any way.

Gillian (laughing): Well, it is...well, you know, the odd thing is that, that was a really hard time. It was really hard to live in New York when you donít have any money and you are like, you know....It is depressing as hell and that was one of those times and I just remembered, you know, that kind of outside area - walls, tables - one person has to work all those, like twelve or thirteen tables and you get...itís like the turn around is so fast and itís just you out there and the heat and the smell, the sticky rice with all that sauce on it...and they taste really good but it was...umm....ITíS A REAL FOND MEMORY

(*audience laughs with Gillian*).

Young woman: *says something but I canít make it out - audience too noisy*

Young woman: Remember in the beginning of "Chinga" you wear that tshirt?

Gillian: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Young woman: Okay, I got a little (can't make out the words) with that tshirt and I actually went to Maine (can't make out the words)...Iím totally not exagerrating. I was in Boston for the weekend. Friends drove me up to Maine and we went to every single store (she rambles on and on at a very fast pace and I canít understand what she is saying because of too much background noise)...

Gillian: You know, whatís funny about that is my Mom...Iíve been doing a lot of work for a charity called Neurofibromatosis and my Mom has been

(*audience claps and cheers*)

Gillian: ...Thank you! My Mom has a support group for people with that disorder and she decided that she wanted to get a hold fo one of those tshirts for the auction. And so, she called up the costume department and she got one and I signed it and we sent it away and then I called her that night and thought, "I want one of those." So, I called and they said, "Sorry, that was the ONLY one!" And my MOM took the only one? And you know, of course it is going to be sold and they are not going to realize it is the ONLY one and they probably could get a lot more money for the charity if they (Gillian mumbles something but I can't make out the words)

Young woman: Can I ask you something else?

(*audience getting very noisy now*)

Young woman:...yesterday, you lifted up your pant leg and showed your tattoo and I was wondering if you could do that again

(*audience seems to be protesting at this point; seem to be angry about the young woman asking too many questions while others wanted their turn....Gillian says something about one more and sheís done*)

Gillian: No, see? Thereís a little kind of..that thing that looks like dirt right there? I have a tattoo of the (can't make out the words) dirt on my ankle! It doesnít say anything. Itís two tortoises back to back. They are Tahitian (can't make out the words). They are kind of abstract little tortoises.

Young woman: Okay. Thank you so much. I am leaving. I love you so much! You are awesome!

Gillian: Thank you.

Little Boy: Hi! My name is (can't make out the words) and Iím from (can't make out the words)

Gillian: What? Whatís your first name?

Little Boy: Andrew Davenport. Did you get grossed out when you are the bug in "Humbug?"

Gillian: Well, I didnít really eat it. I put it in my mouth but I didnít chew it and I didnít swallow it. So Iím not as brave as I pretended to be. But I didnít really get grossed out. No. But I was too grossed out to chew on.

Andrew: Thanks!

Gillian (laughing): Youíre welcome!

Gillian: Hi!

Man: How are you doing?

Gillian: Great, thanks!

Man: My name is Richard. I live in New York City. I just want to ask you a question. Oh, Happy Motherís Day by the way.

Gillian: Thank you.

Richard: You are a very great actress and I love you a lot. And the question is - In the part where you played with Mulder, in the part when the mother is dying, in the part...

Gillian: When heís mother is dying?

Richard: The mother of Mulder is dying...did you really cry in those scenes?

Gillian: When Mulderís mother was dying? I donít remember crying over Mulderís mother dying

(*audience laughs*).

Gillian: I mean, did I cry over Mulderís mother dying? I think Mulder cried over his mother dying. I have cried over a lot of other things (laughing) but I donít know...but if you saw me crying...Yes, I cried. That wasnít somebody else crying.

Richard: Those scenes are very hard for you to make in the new X-Files, right? In the new X-Files, do you die or do you live?

(*audience laughs*)

Gillian: You mean in the movie or in the last episode or next season?

Richard: In the movie.

Gillian: In the movie....Do I die or do I live? I canít tell you that! (laughing) I canít tell you that!

Richard: Well, I want you to live because youíre an inspire to all women and you are a princess to me.

Gillian: Thank you. Thank you!

Richard: Nice talking to you.

Gillian (to someone in the audience): Is that real? Oh my goodness! Oh! Itís a Motherís Day flower...thanks! Thank you. Thank you.

Gillian: Hi!

Man: Hi! I just want to say Mulderís mother is not worth crying for

(*audience responds with "Ohhhhh!")

Man: ...You have got to be the most talented actress that has ever been on television

(*audience cheers*)

Man: I adore you! My real question here is - Was there ever a time when you were seriously thinking about some other type of career besides acting and, if so, what was it?

Gillian: I used to want to be a marine biologist and I actually thought about that very seriously for a while and I donít know what happened in my life that I switched over. I think, for some reason, I ended up auditioning for something and that was it! But, I think the most serious thing probably was marine biology.

Man: *says something but I canít make out the words*

Gillian (laughing): Thank you!

Another Man: Hi Gillian! I think you are a marvelous actress - tremendous depth! You waited for me at DoJoís...I waited on you are (can't make out the words) in Chicago, Iím sure.

Gillian: I waited on you at DoJoís?

Man:> Absolutely! I was probably your biggest tipper. I must have been! But more importantly, I healed myself from cancer. I want you to know that what you have done and the power that you have...I think itís done an incredible service...that I donít even know if you are aware of the extraordinary power that you have and thatís the effect that you have had on people that are challenged not just with cancer, but all types of life threatening or life challenging illnesses and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I know that thereís a lot of people that donít get a chance to thank you personally but I would like to thank you for all of them. I really would like...would you accept something as a token of my esteem and also for Happy Motherís Day?

Gillian: Yeah. Absolutely!

*Audience claps*

Gillian: Thank you for that. That was very sweet.

Man: Youíre welcome.

Gillian: You know, one of the most amazing things about working on this show and peopleís passion about this show and about these characters...there have been numerous times where people from Make A Wish Foundation have come to visit, or from the Starlight Foundation have come to visit, where we have gotten notes from families with children suffering from life threatening diseases who...have found a reason to live again simply by watching the show for whatever reason that is, you know, who have become passionate about something for the first time in their lives, who know, there have been numerous times where we have gotten requests from people to come to set who are literally dying and there was one girl in particular, whose blood count was really really low and when she had been accepted to come to set, her blood count actually started to rise and get stronger and she got stronger and sheís getting better because she came to visit set and whatever that is, I mean, itís just...itís unbelievable! And itís...Iím sure there are other shows that have that experience as well, but if there is anything that makes doing this work worthwhile, itís that fact and that reality and whatever it is, itís just a miracle so I appreciate it.

*audience claps*

Another Man: I think you are really great and whatís your upcoming relationship with Mulder in the future on the show?

Gillian: Well, I donít know. I donít usually find out about that stuff until like, we are right...we are just getting ready to shoot an episode. I donít know that kind of information. If Chris already knows it, he doesnít share it with us and he is probably smart because somebody like you might ask me and I might let something slip and that would be really (can't make out the words), sorry!

Man: Thank you.

Woman: Hi! First of all, I was supposed to come here today with my best friend but she got sick and she called me up this morning and I made a promise to her, so from her, she wants you to know that she loves you so much, do I...and, speaking of the cancer, is it at all difficult for you to portray something like that. I mean, you put so much into the character of Scully. Does it affect you to, on some level, be going through that much pain?

Gillian: It actually has been very beneficial for me to have these episodes where I get to release so much - over the past couple of years especially. Itís been a wonderful outlet and sometimes I donít even realize that Iím holding on to stuff that needs to be released, but the show and the work on the show ends up being an outlet for that and so, in a way, I am very grateful to have that. It can get difficult doing it over and over again. For instance, there was an episode recently called "All Souls"

(*audience claps and cheers*)

Gillian: and there was a scene which was not in the original script that we shot. Actually, the scene in the confessional was not originally in the show and then somehow the show wasnít quite working the way that it was all laid out so they added that scene and I actually got a call on a, like the night before. I knew we were going to be shooting something, saying that "Oh, thereís going to be some rewrites coming" you know...and Iím thinking the next morning we are going to shoot like maybe two pages of stuff and I get five and a half pages of dialogue thatís all me talking to a priest (laughs) and I actually, for the first time ever, I called them up and said, "You know what?" - this was 10:30 at night and Iím supposed to do it the next morning - I said, "I canít do this! There is no way in hell Iím going to be able to memorize it, let alone do the work on it." And so they pushed it a day and then I ended up doing it in some warehouse in the middle of nowhere. So that becomes difficult when you are just thrown haphazardly into something. And then, the way they wanted to shoot it - normally, what we do is, we do a shot, like a wide shot which is called a master, and then we move in for over which is over somebodyís shoulder onto somebody else and then we go in for closeup. So thatís usually when itís a larger scene, when there is some room in it. When there is something like this, that lasts for so long, they want to get as much as, as many different shots as they can so that it makes it interesting. So we had these five and a half pages and we had a wide shot and a closer shot in one angle. Then we had a shot through the screen and a closer shot from that angle. Then we have another one over the priest, closer up on it ends up being six hours at least straight, of going over this stuff over and over again and crying and crying and crying and crying and crying...and then, thatís when it becomes difficult...when at the end of the day you just feel like youíve been giving and giving and giving and giving and you just want to go home and eat a bag of chocolate donuts.

*Gillian is told by someone that she has seven minutes left and the audience protests. Gillian tells the person, "Iíll be a little long" and the audience cheers!*

Gillian: Hi!

Woman: Hi! I have two questions. The first one is - Some fans would like a romance to develop between Scully and Skinner. I wonder what your thoughts are on that. And, my second question is - Hypothetically speaking, if David Duchovny were to ever leave the show, who would you want to play your partner?

Gillian: Probably nobody. I mean, I think that, that, that

(*audience applauds*)

Gillian:...I mean itís really just Mulder and Scully you know...thatís what it is. I donít think that the show would succeed very well with either one of us not participating or with somebody else. I mean, for an audience member, I am sure it would be very hard to not always compare and your know...itís...I just donít think it would work. So I canít answer to that. And you have a question...what was that?

Woman: The first one was about a Skinner-Scully romance.

Gillian: Oh, the Skinner....sorry, on the way I broke it up!

(*audience laughs*)

Gillian: There was a time at the beginning where I thought actually that might be kinda neat but ummm.....íkinda neatí (laughs at her choice of words)...but I donít think so. I donít know. I think maybe like, if we...I donít know (laughs)...anyway....

Woman: Thank you.

*someone in the audience yells, "ICKY!"*

Gillian: Icky? Okay...the consensus is "ICKY!"

Another woman: Hi there!

Gillian: Hi!

Woman: I was wondering if there have been scenes that have been scripted that either were never filmed or were filmed and later cut, that you really wish made it to air and you can give as many examples as you like.

Gillian: There were actually a couple. There was one in...what was that?..."Memento Mori!" I think, there was a scene between Scully and her brother which never made it but they showed it on something else...where did they show it?

(*someone yells "Inside The X-Files!"*)

Gillian: ..."Inside The X-Files!" Oh!....We donít like it?

(*audience responds with "Noooo!"*)

Gillian: But it was a good scene! I know heís not nice but it was a good scene! I mean, he is mean...he is!.......... Charles? We donít know Charles! We need to meet Charles! You know what I thought? I thought that, that it would be really...I actually was really hoping that my 17 year old brother could like, play Charles in the past you know, Ďcus my sister was on an episode. Then I thought, oh wouldnít it be great if Charles was gay?

(*audience applauds*)

Gillian: Wouldnít that be great? I thought we might just film an episode

(*screaming audience drowns out the rest of Gillianís sentence*)

Gillian: ....yeah, Listen Scully...well, itís like heís really hung up about it obviously because we never talk about it...and that would have been... I donít know. I just thought, you know, "Charles, my brother, is gay!" Thatís all. What that scene was not in and then there was actually one moment...there was a scene when Scully is in bed, for that same episode, when sheís kinda having nightmares and sheí the beginning of the scene when sheís talking to the woman with the turban on

(*audience member yells "Betty!")

Gillian: ...Betty! God, you guys! Well, sheís talking to Betty and sheís had some bad dreams and sheís kinda tossing and the beginning of it, it was like a lot of tossing and turning. There was one moment where I actually Ďscreeeeamí and I sit straight up in bed and it was just a really cool shot - the way the camera was, and the way the light was, you could see Iím screaming and you could see like, all the veins in my neck was just...I donít know, it was just kind of a cool shot...okay, what else?

*someone in the audience asks, "What about the pilot?"*

Gillian: Oh yeah! The pilot episode with my boyfriend which was very good that they cut out. Umm....

(*someone in the audience says something*)

Gillian: ...the "Memento Mori" kiss? Oh no!....Okay, it was a really emotional moment, at least on this cooperation (laughs). It didnít quite translate as well as I had hoped it might. Anyway, but yeah, there were actually a few takes where we did experiment with that and it was just a little too was too, aaaah....we better save that for later! Thatís all I can think of right now...sorry!

*someone yells, "Never Again!"*

Gillian: "Never Again?"...was there a scene that was?

*someone says "I Donít Know!"*

Gillian: The sex scene? (laughs)...ah, but they should have! Oh noooo! Well,....yeah!...

(laughs some more in response to what the audience is saying)

*someone gives her something*

Gillian: Thank you very much. Thank you!

(*someone yells "I love you!"*)

Gillian: I love you too!

*audience screams and shouts*

*a man tells Gillian something*

Gillian: Okay...all right...apparently, two more questions.

Woman: Hi Gillian! My name is Maureen.

Gillian: Hi Maureen.

Maureen: And I work at Cornell University Theatre Department

Gillian: Hmmmm!!!

Maureen: And I am supposed to tell you that David (can't make out the words) and you remember him. He says "hello" (can't make out the words) London Program and wants you to know that, if you ever want to come and do a show, you are more than welcome. My question was, because I know being in the theatre, it is hard to separate from work sometimes. I wonder if you ever have trouble taking Scully home and just...on an emotional level, separate.

Gillian: No, I havenít. There have been other characters that I have played in my life that I have had trouble taking home, but I think that...I learned very early, in just the schedule, that there just was no time for that. You know, there was no time for me to take it any further than set when I leave because there is so much else to do when Iím off set and I have to put my focus on my daughter and on other things that, I think thereís a survival mechanism...I just didnít allow myself to.

Maureen: Thank you.

Gillian: Thanks.

Man: My name is Ryan. I am an acting major also and in college. Do you find it hard going back and forth into the Scully character? Like, when you first started, did you have to research the character? Figure out who she was, what made her tick?

Gillian: Well, you know, I didnít have any time to do that. I was cast and went up like, a day and a half later, up to Vancouver and started shooting the pilot. So I didnít really have any time. And now, when weíre shooting, because we have done it so much that we can literally be, you know, like goofing off to, you know, doing whatever the hell we want to be doing off stage and then immediately go and start shooting a scene. And, most of the time, thatís what we are doing unless itís, you know, itís a really intense scene...stuff like that. So, itís just become a part of us so much that we can just kind of slide into it.

Ryan: Do you improv a lot or not?

Gillian: No, we donít. There just isnít time for that. I mean, I love that! I love improv work and hopefully, we will have other opportunities to do that but there just...there is no time.

Ryan: Thank you.

Gillian: Thanks.

Man: Hi! How are you?

Gillian: Good, thanks.

Man: Iím from France and I watch your show all the time in french so, your voice is in french.

Gillian: How is it?

Man: Pretty good.

Gillian: Is it lower or higher?

Man: Itís about the same thing.

Gillian: You know, the german voice sounds really good - sheís got a really deep kind of strong....

Man: You have a very good voice

Gillian: Thank you.

Man: All my friends say hello and youíre just great and I just want to ask you two questions. One, this guy here, he just wanted to know if you believe in UFOs.

Gillian (laughing): Did I hear that right? Did I hear that voice right? Okay, and whatís the second question?

Man: And the second question was - Did you give any ideas to the guys when you make the show?

Gillian: No. I mean, at the beginning, I was so green. I was so new that I was just kind of sticking in my own little world and like, too afraid to say anything! (laughs) And they wouldnít have cared what I had to say at that point because I really didnít even know anything. And, you know, as time has progressed, if I had stuff to say or thereís stuff that I think should be changed or that I have questions about, they are certainly open to hearing what I have to say now. In regards to your first question, I do believe that the universe is vast enough to have other life forms other than human beings (can't make out the words).

Man: Thank you very much.

Gillian: Welcome

Young girl: If you could write like three or four X-Files episodes right now, where would you take Scully

(*loud noise of something dropping which drowns out the rest of the question*)

Gillian: Thatís a good question you got there! Boy! If I could write three or four episodes right now, where would I take everybody? Let me see if there is any way that I can answer that. I donít even know how to begin...

*audience starts to scream, clap, and shout about something*

Gillian (to someone next to her): Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right!

Gillian: You know what? That is honestly like (can't make out the words) question for me to answer right now but I have to say that I appreciate you asking that (laughs)!

*man tells Gillian that it is time for her to go but Gillian insists on answering one more question*

Gillian: Hi!

Man: Hi Gillian. I just want to say you are really beautiful and I love your show

(*audience applauds*)

Man: of your episodes had one about origami and Iíve been doing that since the third grade and I would like to give you something that I made.....

(tape had to be switched over to the other side so nothing is recorded at this point)

Gillian: Jeremiah!

*audience yells and applauds*

Gillian: Yesterday we sang Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog so shall we do these signings first? We are going to sign these. We auctioned these off again and we got $2,500 apiece, I think, again.

Man: Yes, $5,000 again today for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation!

Gillian: Isnít that great?

*audience applauds*

Man: You want to say your names and where you are from again?

-Cathy (can't make out the words) from Capetown, Massachusetts

-Jo Ann Davis from Riverdale, New Jersey

*Gillian signs the auctioned items*

Man: Now, do you all know the words to Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog? Joy To The World is the song, right? Some of you were here yesterday, right?

(*audience screams in response*)

Man: Oh, a FEW of you were here yesterday!

*a man in the audience says, "Worth it!"*

Man: Where is Nick? Where is the Ratboy? He is going to join us in the chorus!

(*more applause*)

Man: All right, the Ratboy may have jumped ship, so to speak. Weíll see if we can get him...did he? Okay, sorry, he snuck out the back. Gillian, looks like itís you with about 5,000 backup singers up here today. Letís give a big hand to these two folks that gave donations to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation today. We thank you all very much. Now you guys could stand here and sing with us? You donít know the words? Okay...

Gillian: Okay, we are going to sign Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog and you have to promise me have to sing it with your worst voice possible, okay?

*audience goes wild!*

Gillian: All right, get ready, I am not going to do this alone. You people out there look like you really donít want me to sing this song!

Man: They have no choice. Itís what Gillian wants, Gillian gets, right?

*intense screaming from the audience*

Gillian: Jeremiah Was A we go....Oh My God!

*everyone sings the song BADLY*

*HUGE applause when song is over*

Man: Ladies and Gentlemen, Gillian Anderson!!!!

Gillian: Thank you so much for coming out! Thank you New York!

Transcript provided by Cťcile Le Floc'h.

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